Simple Acne Solution

Nexcare (3M) Acne Dressing: 

This is my holy grail acne solution!

** more photos below of my used acne dressing

Rating: (5/5)

Why I Bought This/Where to Buy:

Initially I thought it was just a band-aid but for acne (I can’t read Chinese too well & I didn’t bother with the English). I was in Hong Kong and just happened to notice it inside of Sasa. Sasa is basically a go to cosmetics and skincare store in Hong Kong. I wasn’t expecting this to do anything but holy smokes it’s amazing! If you’re in Canada like I am, give Amazon a try. I bought it on sale for $39 HKD which is about $6.50 CAD.

How to Use:

  1. After cleansing and drying the face.
  2. Choose a size that will cover your entire acne
  3. Try to only pinch a small area of the dressing because it easily loses stickiness.
  4. Leave on overnight.

** Begin to use this when you start seeing pus rising to the surface of your skin. You may need to use this one or two nights in a row.

My Thoughts:

This absolutely works to reduce your acne and suck out the pus. When I compare the days I don’t use this to the days that I do, I can see a visible difference in the size of my acne. When I use this, my acne doesn’t get to the stage where it pops and it just dies down quicker. Also, I like this because usually I need to wait a long time before I can even pop the acne (I KNOW IT’S BAD… I can’t help myself). I can use this at the stage just before the acne can be popped and the pus will still come out (MAGIC!).


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