Seafood Dinner at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

Tonight’s dinner was at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant (魚樂軒). They’re located at 680 Silver Star Blvd. (at Steeles Ave. E.). This isn’t really anything new and I’d been there a quite a few times before, but I finally decided to make a post about it.


Since my dad is a seafood lover, we came here with relatives to celebrate his birthday. We chose the Shark Fin & King Crab Dinner (勾翅 & 皇帝蟹餐) for 6-8 people which included:

  1. Shark Fin Soup
  2. Steamed King Crab with Egg White
  3. Steamed King Crab
  4. Hong Kong Style Lobster
  5. Steamed Turbot Fish
  6. Poached Snow Pea Tips with Wolf Berry
  7. Fried Rice with Lobster Roe
  8. 1 Bottle of White Wine (sub. with Coke beverages)
  9. Dessert Soup
Shark’s Fin Soup

*this is a really generous portion of Shark’s Fin which is definitely not typical in other Chinese restaurants

Hong Kong Style Lobster w/ Maggie Sauce

*another popular method of cooking is 避風塘 (sorry, I can’t translate that) …it’s the one with little fried fishes.

Alaskan Crab Leg w/ Egg Whites
Steamed King Crab
Fried Rice with Lobster Roe
Steamed Turbot
Poached Snow Pea Tips with Wolf Berries


I came here last month with my aunt who was visiting from Hong Kong and I found that meal wasn’t as delicious as this one. I think the head chef was probably off that day. For the best experience, I recommend going to Chinese restaurants on weekends because their head chef is usually at work that day. The food here is definitely fresh because of the sheer volume of people coming to eat their seafood everyday. I highly recommend making a reservation ahead of time!


The meal including tax and tip: $650 CAD




4 thoughts on “Seafood Dinner at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

      1. I don’t think so, but if you like fish maw soup there’s a restaurant in Richmond Hill called Dragon Boat that has it. That one is pretty popular for dinner and dim sum so you would have to book ahead as well.

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