Let Them Eat Cake

Yes, the title is a lame Marie Antoinette reference.

For my dad’s birthday we pre-ordered cake from his favourite cake bakery at J-town. Bakery Nakamura was the first Japanese bakery to open in Toronto in 1993. We pre-ordered for pick-up on a Saturday but ended up eating the cake on a Sunday and it was still very fresh. It wasn’t soggy or dry, which are typical of cakes left overnight. It still retained the perfect amount of moisture. Bakery Nakamura doesn’t use preservatives or additives and their goods are made fresh daily. 

We ordered an 8″ Strawberry-Mango  Shortcake and it cost $45, which is slightly more than other asian bakeries in the area. This 8″ perfectly served all 8 people in our party without any leftover. Their cakes come as single slices, 6″,7″,8″, and 9″ and you can check out their pricing & a full list of bakery / cake selections at their website. As with all asian places, the later you go the fewer items there are to choose from.

Overall this cake was pretty delicious and moist with fresh fruit. I like that this bakery actually puts in very fresh fruit whereas other bakeries put in fruit that’s not as fresh.


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