L’Occitane Almond Shower Scrub


After using the shower scrub from L’Occitane en Provence, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My arms were the smoothest they’d ever been and I was getting compliments from some of my friends for having such smooth skin.


I’ve always been really self-conscious about my arms because I’ve had tiny bumps (keratosis pilaris) on them since high school. The shower scrub helped to noticeably decrease the amount and size of the bumps on my arms. I’ve used a wide variety of shower scrubs before but none have been as effective as this one.

The first shower scrub I used up from L’Occitane was the Roses et Reines Shower Scrub, but for some reason they don’t seem to sell shower scrubs from that collection in Canada. I ended up purchasing the Almond Shower Scrub because it was the only collection with a shower scrub. There is essentially no difference between the two collections other than the scent, so it didn’t bother me. I also never use body lotions and after using this shower scrub I didn’t feel like I had to apply any additional creams to stay moisturized (Of course you can if you want!). I also love this packaging because it uses a twist cap and you can squeeze the shower scrub out from the tiny hole at the base. I don’t like shower gels with flip caps or ones where you need to remove the entire cap because I always end up breaking those when I drop them or it just gets dirty. This 200mL shower scrub sells for $29 in Canada. Even if you don’t have issues with keratosis pilaris or have dry/flaky skin, I still recommend scrubs over shower gels because it helps to buff away dead cells for a healthier glow.


Rating: 4/5 (Love it and it would be 5/5…BUT “Polyethylene” is a listed ingredient, which means the presence of microbeads.)

*As much as I love it, unless Polyethylene is removed from this shower scrub I will likely be moving on to another product. I didn’t realize it contained polyethylene until I made this blog post, so now I’m feeling super conflicted and disappointed. I’m still going to keep this post up because as consumers we can really come to love a product without understanding it’s harmful effects and I think there’s value in bringing awareness when deciding what to use.*

For those of us who don’t know about microbeads, they’re harmful substances which pollute our water systems because water management facilities cannot filter out these substances.

Beat the Microbead is an international campaign supported by 83 NGOs from 35 countries, committed to phasing out the use of microbeads in cosmetic products. L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Scrub is listed in their “Products containing microbeads” update from May 2016.


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