Summerlicious #2 -Auberge Du Pommier

Today I tried the Summerlicious Lunch Menu from Auberge Du Pommier, located just north of Yonge and York Mills. I’ve wanted to try ADP for a long time, but I never got around to it.


*To be fair… this review is more comparative in nature since it’s my second summerlicious review*

Okay, so this time I remembered to try a bite of everything so I can give a better review of the food!

*Excuse the photos! I would have higher quality ones, but this was all I could get short of using flash.*


Chicken & Leek Terrine
Summer Fruit and Melon Gazpacho

I had the Chicken Terrine while my friend had the Gazpacho. My first thoughts when getting the Terrine was that it tasted very strongly of chicken, chicken breast to be specific. Other than a dense chicken-y cube, I can’t describe this in any other way. The sauce they used to pair this with had a somewhat sour, picked taste and it wasn’t enough to blend or mask the strong taste of chicken. I don’t like Terrine or Pâté to begin with, but I chose this because I wanted to be pleasantly surprised. I think of food in a very experimental sense and when dining at restaurants that are normally much more expensive for a 3 course meal, I wanted to take risks and choose dishes I wouldn’t normally choose. However, I wasn’t pleasantly surprised by the Terrine, so I’ll continue disliking Terrine.

I tasted my friend’s Melon Gazpacho and it tasted mostly of one kind of melon (watermelon). I will say I didn’t have a very thorough taste because after the initial test, I already knew I preferred the one from Canoe’s Summerlicious Menu. I wasn’t really interested in trying further. My friend did mention it to be too sour for a watermelon soup.


Coulotte Steak
Pan Roasted Atlantic Salmon

So I had the Coulotte Steak and I found it to be quite chewy and hard to cut. Considering that it’s cooked to rare, it was still hard to cut. I had to ask for a steak knife in order to cut through the muscle fibres. This was definitely a cheap cut. I mean I understand considering it’s a Summerlicious Menu pricing, but it was just a very average cut of meat. The sauce was paired well with the beef and it tasted good, but I definitely wouldn’t say the meat was very flavourful. They included Chinese brocolli (Choy Sum) with the entree, which was soaked in the sauce used for the beef so I liked that.

I had a piece of my friend’s salmon and it was moist so I was happy with that. However, it also wasn’t very dynamic in flavour beyond tasting like salmon. I distinctly recall thinking I wished there was some lemon juice to bring out more flavour. I didn’t try anything that the salmon rested on, but in any case the salmon itself should have some additional sauce or flavouring to compliment it.  My friend did say that she’s usually very skeptical trying fish, but she enjoyed that the salmon was moist and well seasoned.


Panna Cotta

I liked both of the desserts! The Panna Cotta was nicely complemented with mango gelee and coconut streusel. I don’t recall the Panna Cotta having a strong pineapple taste but it came together really well. I think the Panna Cotta could have done without the Meringue. I generally don’t like stuff like Meringues or Macarons because I just find them to be random chunks of sugar with nothing special (*Note the bias).

As for the Clafoutis, I really liked the texture of it. When I first bit into it, the blueberry compote hit me as the first flavour and I would have loved the dessert if that was the only flavour. I didn’t like the addition of lavender because I’ve always disliked lavender (*again with the bias). My friend also mentioned that the Clafoutis was too sweet for her liking, but she liked that it had a strong custard/ egg flavour.


Overall, the meal was good but it wasn’t mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination. I also found that the meal seemed to be more inspired by Canadian dining rather than French. There were many similarities between the Summerlicious Menus served at Canoe and ADP, however Canoe did it much better and I was more satisfied with my Summerlicious experience there. I’m definitely willing to try ADP again, but I won’t be going back to the Summerlicious Menu.

In terms of service, I really appreciated that our server repeatedly refilled our glasses. My parents visited ADP the weekend before, for the Summerlicious Dinner Menu and they complained about poor service from their waitress and lack of water refills, so hopefully it was just an isolated incident. I will say that service feels more attentive at Canoe, while it seems more chill at ADP. They’re both Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants so I expected their management styles to be similar. It didn’t bother me, but it was just different.



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