Goodbye Victoria’s Secret, Hello Triumph!

First off, lingerie is a huge deal for me because it’s something that makes me feel beautiful and confident.

For a while now, I’ve been really unimpressed with the lingerie quality and designs from Victoria’s Secret. I used to love their stuff but since they started skimming on their material and the quality of their lace, I’ve been purchasing significantly less. They used to double line their lace panties in the front and now they don’t, so the lace directly makes contact with your skin and it’s super itchy. Even the lace they use now seems to be of a lower quality because it’s much more coarse.

So now for my latest love, Triumph! If you’re not already familiar with the brand, Triumph International was originally founded in Heubach, Germany in 1886, but its headquarter is now located in Switzerland. To this day, the company still remains under family ownership of the original founders. They have just recently expanded into North America, but for a long time they’ve been popular throughout Europe and Asia. Their products can be found at department stores in Canada and at their three outlet locations: Vaughan Mills, Niagara Outlet Collection and Tanger Outlets Cookstown.

My purchases:

  1. These bras are normally $64 each, but they were 30% off and there was an additional 50% off on the second bra. (Bra 1 =$44.80 & Bra 2 = $22.40).
  2. Panties were $32 each,but they were 30% off and there was an additional 50% off on the second bra.. (Panty 1 = $22.40, Panty 2 = $11.20)
Same style, different colours.

3. Third bra was originally $60, but it was on sale for $9.99.

*This bra is has no padding which is why it doesn’t look as structured in the photo, but it’s actually really beautiful on. It does have underwire.*

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.00.54 PM.png

Side note:

How freaking adorable are these Dr. Martens shoes for toddlers?

Donnie Toddler Boot at Dr. Martens store in Vaughan Mills