Pamper yourself

Rating: 9.5/10

So far I’ve had two gel applications done at Get Gelled (photos below)!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Get Gelled! I came across their Instagram (@getgelled) this summer and decided I had to get my nails done there at some point. I’m glad I did because I’m absolutely in love with their beautiful nail art and the quality of their work.

Up until now, none of the nail salons I’ve tried have met my standard. Neither have I ever revisited a single nail salon for that exact reason. A lot of the designs available at Pacific Mall tend to be tacky, over the top, and a serious hit or miss. Many of those stores have Instagram accounts as well, but even if you manage to choose something you like … they can never replicate it *insert eye roll*.

Get Gelled Visit #1: 

Day 1:

Price = ~$135 (incl. tax & 15% tip)

…no lie, I almost had a heart attack when I heard the price

Some injury from cuticle removal (my cuticles were super dry)

*Pro tip* …before ANY cuticle removal, apply some kind of cuticle moisturizer right before your nail appointment & preferably the day before.

7 Weeks Later: 

-slight lifting of the gel near the back (left index finger)

-chipping  (right index finger)



Slight chip on tip of index fingernail

All in all, considering that this lasted 7 weeks, that’s pretty impressive.

Get Gelled Visit #2: 

Price: ~$115 (incl. tax & 15% tip)

Gel Removal (FREE)

*removals are free if they were previously done at Get Gelled (YAY!)*

Theme: At Sea  (I’m off to Florida, duh!)

All painted by hand

Things I love about Get Gelled:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. THEY ACTUALLY GET RID OF YOUR CUTICLES …so many places don’t, but they still charge you $60+
  3. Designs are unique, diverse and elegant
  4. FREE gel nail removal if your current gel nails are done by them & you get new gel nails done
  5. Atmosphere & everything else

**the appointments are really hard to get, so book early.

Things to improve/what I didn’t like:

  1. Shaping of the nail (tbh they’re pretty darn good, but I’m picky AF)
  2. OMG… they’re so f**king expensive

**make sure to ask about each design price before you go ahead and pick the design, it seriously adds up

…slowly becoming a regular? I better find a Leprechaun soon!!


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